Friday, December 3, 2010

Polyvore Loves

We're heading to a great farmer's market trip this weekend to buy some Christmas presents. This handmade Christmas thing is great, but man are men ever hard to make/buy for. I have my brother-in-law's name this year, and I'm a little bit stuck. Ladies? So easy to think of gift ideas. The craft and DIY world is made for women. Some days I'm tempted to just give in and buy a gift card, and then I stop myself. Just because gift giving is hard doesn't make it impossible... just more challenging. 

Anyways - back to Polyvore Loves. Here's an outfit that I'd love to be wearing this weekend. I'm getting desperate for some cute casual clothes... and these pieces would hit the spot. I'm a sucker for a cute sweater. Actually, all of these items are tempting to me. Leather watch with some gold hardware... olive green infinity scarf, adorable flats, vintage Ray Bans, worn dark wash jeans. I'm sold...


Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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