Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day Well Spent

After a very, very lazy winter-y week so far, I woke up with a burst of energy this morning. I thought I should take advantage of it, so today was my day to get all caught up. Today I:

  • did several loads of laundry
  • cleaned the bathroom
  • washed the dishes
  • baked a batch of cookies
  • took a trip to the grocery store
  • mailed a few packages
  • dropped off a birthday present
  • took Sage for a walk
  • made a table chart for Daniel
  • cleaned up our receipts and Christmas cards
Whew! To top it all off, look at my new Christmas bracelet:
Daniel had bought a bracelet for me for Christmas, but the original was just a bit too snug. I exchanged it today for almost the exact same one (not the exact same, since each bracelet is one of a kind). They're made here in Nova Scotia out of old silverware. Neat, eh? I'm so glad I can wear it now!

I'm off to make potato leek soup for supper, and I have to send in photos to the developer. I plan on picking up my laziness tonight, though. Can't break a new bad habit yet :)

Happy Thursday!

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