Thursday, January 20, 2011

Home Tour Week: Living Room

Are you ready to take a peek at our living room?
Here we go...

Today is a little cloudy and over-cast in these parts, so I'm not too pleased with how the photos turned out. The room seems dark and shadow-y, but it isn't in real life. I love our beautiful floors - Daniel and my father-in-law put them down before we moved. Aren't they purty?!

I love lamp light so much more than over-head, glaring lights. We received these lamps as a wedding present, which we were extremely thankful for, but I'm ready to move them to the bedroom. I'd like to get big, statement-making lamps for our side tables. For now, we'll deal with the cards we've been dealt :)

The organ fits neatly into this corner. I'd love to take the time and get cute accessories to jazz it up. It's a great place to burn candles or put a reed diffuser. Our big mirror is also along this wall.

My parents gave me this awesome antique wire basket for Christmas! I was eyeing it up at a local antique dealer's place, and Mom went back later and bought it for me. It was the best surprise ever on Christmas morning! Mom made the cushion in the front (a Christmas present, too) and my in-laws gave us the one in the back. It's colourful loops of felt forming a huge flower with a wooden button in the middle. Cute!

We have cozy chairs along this wall. I'm so happy with our curtains. Mom and I made a day trip to find the perfect curtains, and on our very last stop, we found these gems. I love the little pop of glamour that they bring to the room.

You've seen this piece before, but I had to share it again :) Daniel made this bookcase/console table for me as my Christmas gift. I love that it helps us to have a "grown-up" apartment. We're slowly collecting things here and there that are upgrades from our hand-me-downs. It's nice to slowly be pulling things together.

I hope you enjoyed our living room tour! It's the coziest one that we've ever had - we spend so much time in here! In our last apartment, I never spent any time in the living room - I couldn't get comfortable, and I found it dreary and cold. Our current living room is top-notch!

Tonight's your last chance for the giveaway!


  1. Oh my gosh I want your house! I love all the soft lighting and the space has such an artistic touch to it! So pretty :)

  2. thank you SO much for doing a home tour! i love it :D. it's so airy and light, and i know you mentioned it being cozy, but it seems really spacious. gorgeous decorating friend ... have you thought about doing that as a job? you'd be such a great interior designer.

  3. aww, thanks ladies! you flatter me :)


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