Monday, January 31, 2011

Things I Heart III

How awesome was your weekend?! I got to hang out with two terrific gals from work, go snowmobiling for the first time this year, drive a snowmobile for the first time ever, attend a great ladies' Bible study and have awesome homemade salsa, make plans for the week ahead, and chill on the couch with my darling. That pretty much sums up my favourite type of weekend!

I'm going to try and make the Things I Heart posts a monthly feature. There was one for December, and I'm sticking this post in before the end of January - since today is the last day, after all :)

Things I Heart is a general compilation of items that get the creative juices pumping for me. I am an extremely externally motivated person when it comes to creating - unless I'm inspired, I'm not going to pick up anything by any means within myself. Here are some of my latest findings:
  1. wire baskets
  2. white-washing
  3. children's handwriting
  4. simple drawings
  5. yarn
  6. paper scraps
  7. vintage wallpaper
  8. worn-out denim
  9. ancient school readers
  10. old photo albums
Don't you just want to get creating? Make this the week that you make something for someone else. Valentine's Day is fast approaching - why not make some cards to hand out to the lovely ladies and gents in your life?

Happy Monday!

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