Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Things I Heart II

It's time to bust out this blog feature again! 

Things I Heart is a compilation of current loves. They can be ideas, combinations, inspiring thoughts, recipes, or actual items: sky's the limit, as long as it's something that makes me smile. The giveaway comments with your favourite colour combinations certainly made me smile:

  • brown and baby blue
  • green and brown
  • deep purple and apple green
  • mustard yellow and plum purple
  • navy and white

I had so much fun compiling a Things I Heart list back in September. I had forgotten about it, and as soon as I saw the post, I knew I had to give it another shot. Here are the things I heart this month:

  1. kraft paper and twine
  2. thick acid green yarn
  3. concrete and butcher block countertops
  4. milk glass
  5. Dear Lizzy scrapbooking line
  6. light and dark wood tones together
  7. colour coded bookshelves
  8. turquoise and yellow
  9. homemade chocolates
  10. obscure Etsy treasures
What are you hearting?

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