Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Card It.

I'm taking part in a Valentine swap this year. Each person was given the address of five or six people, and is responsible for sending them a Valentine's Day card. I can't wait until I start receiving some in the mail, too! It was nice to get the cards done early - they are all headed to the US, so I wanted to get them sent. Now I can take the time to concentrate on some cards for my loved ones! I thought that I would take some quick pics of the cards this morning before I slipped the cards into their envelopes and headed to the post office. 

Sorry for the poor photo quality - it's kind of funny, actually. I took the photos on the kitchen table, and in each one, it's progressively brighter as the sun shone in the window. They turned out incredibly washed out, so when you see white in the photos, just imagine a light pink... :) Oh, well - it's a little bit of crafty goodness for you to see!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. ahhh. love them. the little flags are adorable (there is probably a proper name for 'the little flags', but i'm unaware of it) :)

  2. Thanks, Splide - I hope you get your card soon :)


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