Thursday, February 3, 2011

Scrap It.

My friend Ciela got married over the summer months. We received a thank-you note and a wedding photo on Tuesday, so I decided to be super efficient and scrap it right away :) It really is the best way - I have a box or two of things that I've been meaning to make pages with. Umm... make that two or three. Those things include our honeymoon. Sad, I know... three and a half years later.  

Anyway... here's the page. Also, I took a few detail shots for your viewing pleasure...

Ciela and Vince also sent me my photo booth picture from the wedding reception. (Daniel had to work, so I was dateless.) It turned out pretty decent, if I do say so. The items from the box of fun accessories ended up going fairly well with my outfit...

Happy Thursday!


  1. i LOVE your photo from their wedding! you look awesome :D

  2. Janelle, you're too sweet :) Thanks for being my date that day - you rock!


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