Friday, February 18, 2011

Shooting some b-ball...

Over the past two months, 
I've spent more time in school gyms than I did during all of my school years. 
I'm serious

Daniel taught the junior high boys' basketball team, which my youngest brother was on. My middle brother plays high school basketball, and he's on a great team. Between the two age groups, I've been spending a lot of afternoons and evenings sitting in the bleachers. I could pretty much be a ref by now... ha ha ha. It is kind of neat to go from a totally un-sport-educated girl, to a chick in the know. I've got my basketball terms up my sleeve, ready to whip out when the opportunity arises. :)

Daniel's team finished up on Monday, but the high school team is still going.
They have qualifiers for provincials next weekend, which they are hosting at their school. The following weekend is provincials... which I hope they make it to. It's within driving distance, so it will be fun to watch them. They got their spiffy new jackets today, and boy, do they look classy!

So that's a little heads up for you as to how I've been spending my time. I thought you might like a little peek into my daily life. I'm trying to learn the fine balance for blogging: sharing personal life and experiences, but not sharing too much.

I hope you have an awesome weekend - I have a giveaway coming up for you on Monday!

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