Monday, February 21, 2011


It's time for a giveaway!

I was browsing in one of my favourite stores a few weeks ago, and I knew that I had to hold a giveaway when I saw this adorable sticky note pack - it's the prettiest combination of soft pastels and shabby chicness. Just looking at these paper makes me wish for some signs of spring!


When I went to take a photo of the paper pack, I thought... "Hey, lame-o. I need to add some more little goodies to make this worth it." So... I went through some of my scrap-booking stash, and came up with a little treat or two to share with you:

The supplies include: Love, Elsie stickers, Martha Stewart lace borders, Anna Griffin ribbon pack, labels, two packs of rhinestones, Hello Kitty stickers, and two red and white baker's twine spools. You don't need to scrapbook in order to use these goodies - they can dress up a present or snail mail, too. Yay!

Everyone is welcome to enter this giveaway, even if you have won here before. We're all on equal terms here at Polka Dot Soup. 

Here's how to enter:

Leave a blog comment or Facebook message 
Tell me your favourite month and why
Include your name and e-mail address
Giveaway closes Thursday, February 24th at 11 pm AST

The giveaway winner will be announced here on Friday. I can't wait to hear your answers. Good luck!


  1. favorite month: july!
    why: it's summery and joyful. june still has school in it, and august has that bittersweet feeling of almost-overness, but july stretches long and restful. last year in halifax we swam almost every day, in lakes near and far and even the ocean, and even on rainy days (there weren't many). july is rich and big and fun.
    name: janelle
    ps katie, you're the most generous blogger ever. i seriously need to take lessons!

  2. Oh, lovely!! :)
    And my favorite month is August - the longest, sunniest, warmest days are then. Lots of beach time & camping. Great adventures, that month!

    My fingers are crossed! :)

    -Michelle Clement

  3. Hey, I found your blog via Emily C's - I'm from Halifax too.
    My favorite mouth would be June because the whole summer is ahead of you! It's also not too hot yet and the mornings and evenings are crisp and clean. June is also my husband's birthday and our anniversary so it's extra special ;-)
    name : Andrea
    email : pattersonpair at

  4. My favorite month is July too!! I love beautiful beach days in C.B. Our anniversary is on the 21st. It's just plain awesome!! Can't wait ;)

  5. I love giveaways:)

    july- it's HOT ie the opposite of now.....

    agelss (at) hotmail (dot) com

  6. Katie!
    My favorite month is FEBRUARY! Luckily the one we're stumbling through right now! It's my birthday and anniversary and overall winter gloriousness that make this month shine deep with me!

    My name is Moriah Gillis and my email is


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