Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Company's Coming!

I don't know about you, but when I find out that we're about to have visitors, I panic a little inside. No matter what condition our place is in, I always get a little nervous. 
To keep myself sane, I have a little house clean-up routine 
that gets our place presentable in a jiffy. 

I thought that I'd share my routine with you today -
maybe it will help you out of a jam!

The pretty entrance at Mom and Dad's house

Here we go!

- Phone rings... we have a half hour to work with.

- I check my beverage supply... take out frozen juice, fill up the kettle, etc.

- Head to the bathroom... take out my handy cleaning wipes.
Do the sink, edge of toilet, and doorhandle. I clean the mirror, scrub the toilet,
and make sure that the shower curtain is pulled over. Done. Light a candle.

 - If there are any dirty dishes, do 'em up quick. Any dried, put them away.
Wipe down the counter and stove, sweep the floor. Done.

- Quick check of the bedroom. Take the towels off the door 
(yes, we reuse our towels... how else do you keep from doing a million loads of laundry?!) 
and make check to make sure the bed is made. No clothes on the floor. Done.

- Next room: living room. Wipe down the side tables, make sure the coasters are clean. 
Fluff the pillows, sweep the floor. If there's time, clean the mirror. Done. Light a candle.

Ahhhh. There. The house is neat as a pin. There's no deep cleaning involved, but your place will appear to be sparkling. Don't you feel a little less stressed?

I also have a rule - a self-made rule. No candle burning unless the room is clean. That keeps me from feeling grungy... like the candle is attempting to cover up the mess or something. Candle equals cleanliness.

Nothing better than a good clean house to welcome visitors into.
Bring on the company!

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