Friday, October 14, 2011

Twelve by 2012

I'm world's best procrastinator, so I was eager to jump onboard with this challenge. Danni from Oh, Hello Friend has organized a fun little project: 12 goals accomplished by 2012. Seems reasonable, right? It's a little less daunting than a 24 before 25, since I only have a little over a month until my birthday. Twelve sounds like a walk in the park! Not only that, but tt's fun to make a list and give and receive encouragement to achieve those goals!

I'm choosing twelve fun goals since we all have more than enough serious goals that we set for ourselves. Here we go!

My Twelve Goals by 2012

  1. Bake or cook twelve recipes and deliver them to friends or neighbours
  2. Use my manicure/pedicure gift certificate before it expires
  3. Wear heels at least twice a week
  4. Write all of my Christmas cards before November 25
  5. Get rid of twelve items in my closet
  6. Participate in the Christmas farmers' market
  7. Host a games night every two weeks at our place
  8. Call or text my friends more often
  9. Organize a cookie exchange
  10. Paint my 2' x 4' canvas that I've been avoiding
  11. Start a weekly pizza night tradition
  12. Read twelve books of the Bible
How do those goals sound? Are you ready to take any of them on? Do share!

I'm linking up on Danni's post - check out some of the other goals!


  1. Fun list! Love the pizza night idea too, might have to start doing that myself! :)

  2. Hello fellow "twelver"! I love love love the fact you've made it a fun list. Although they are fun they are exactly the sort of things that make a difference to our quality of life, that make us happy. All the best with all of them.

  3. 7 and 9 sounds like so much fun!!! I like your goal to wear heels too - another 12 by 2012 post said they want to wear dresses more. I'm going to be inspired by you both! :)


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