Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I'm so glad to get to share a Lush review with you!

Before I start, let me just say that I am not affiliated with Lush. I wish I was. Can you imagine getting free goodies? Anyway, this is just my humble opinion and experience. 
Thought you should know. :)

I get Lush e-mails, and in the last one, they were advertising a tiny tin of Ultrabalm for $2. I have really wanted to try this product, but I keep putting it on. When I saw the special, I was tempted to do some online shopping, but instead, I waited...

Flash forward to this weekend. I got to take a trip to Lush and purchase my own balm! If you buy the small tin for $2, once it's all used up and you return the packaging, you can get $2 off of a full sized container. It's basically a free sample, since they think that you will love the product, and return for more.

In the car, on the long trip home, I decided to try Ultrabalm on my rough elbows. Let's face it, I'm ready for yucky winter skin to be done and over with. It felt a greasy at first, but it went on smoothly and I only needed a teensy bit. The next day, I could still feel it on my elbows! I think that if I used the product regularly, I could definitely clear up some dry skin patches. It's that good!

After checking on the website, I saw that Ultrabalm had an average of five stars! How crazy is that?! Everyone loves it, and no wonder. It's relatively unscented, and contains only three ingredients. That sounds like some serious skin therapy!

Overall decision? I'm going back for my full-sized container!

Give Ultrabalm a try... you won't be disappointed.

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