Friday, April 15, 2011

Polyvore Loves

It's Polyvore Loves time!

Who doesn't love a pretty Easter outfit? It all stems from childhood - the cute little dress, mary janes, white tights, little hat... Darling. Every grown-up little girl still loves a great spring dress :) Floral print? Even better!

I paired this chic Top Shop dress with pretty pastel accessories. There's rose-coloured glasses to make your Easter seem even better :) A couple of colourful bangles and a neutral clutch - you are just about out the door. Slip into your big girl mary janes (gotta add a heel and bow!) and you are good to go! Oooh la la...

Also, take a look at my little Polyvore graphic on the sidebar. It pulls all of the recent colours from the outfits that I've made. Isn't the current combination adorable? Spring stuff rocks!

(You would think that I wear pretty floral lady-like clothes all the time. Not so... but I wish it were true. Today I did manage to pull out a spring sweater: white with narrow coral stripes, to go with my jeans and flats. Not quite a cute little Easter dress, though. :) Thought I should let you know!)

Happy Friday!

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