Monday, April 18, 2011

Mama and Papa

It's been birthday party central around here!

Mom had a birthday yesterday, and today is Dad's birthday. We threw Dad a surprise party on Saturday, since he turned the big 5-0. We got him so good! Him and I took a little trip, and by the time we got back, everyone had arrived. They all hid their cars next door, so he didn't suspect a thing. It's pretty hard to pull the wool over Dad's eyes, but I'm so glad that we surprised him... it was a lot of fun.

We had a birthday dessert celebration for Mom yesterday with just us - Mom, Dad, David, Shamus, Dan, and I... and my aunt showed up to celebrate with us, too. I made a cheesecake concoction that you must try! I made this filling on this base - delish if you're a chocolate fan... and if you aren't a chocolate fan, you aren't my friend :) Seriously though, it will be a hit in your household!

We're headed to Mom and Dad's after supper tonight to celebrate Dad's b-day with our family. We gave our gifts over the weekend, so tonight will just be hang-out-time. I'm so glad that we live close and can celebrate all of these important occasions!

These photos are my most recent ones of Mom and Dad on that I have on our computer. We took silly photos last fall at my cousin's wedding in front of a big ol' brick building - it's fun to share giggles and be our silly selves!

I'm so thankful for having Mom and Dad in my life... I just wish I got the chance to show it more often. Part of growing up, I guess.

Happy birthday!

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