Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Out and Around

Daniel and I have been spending the past week helping my inlaws with prepping our yard and garden for the warmer weather. (We live in the "granny suite" that's attached to the end of their house, in case you aren't familiar with our current living situation.) Daniel raked a big ol' chunk of the yard on Saturday, and Sage and I went bottle collecting in the woods. Sage was so cute, traipsing along behind me, hopping over little bushes and shrubs, happy as a clam to be spending time outdoors. There used to be a family dump in the woods years ago, and there are the prettiest bottles buried. I want to use them in a cool way... I'm still brainstorming.

My mother-in-law got her decorative flag out and hung up, along with a new welcome sign. She's been doing some planning - we picked out a new colour for the exterior doors. It's a beautiful olive green, which will be beautiful with the white trim and brown wood shingles. She got super pretty solar lights for Mother's Day, and those are all along the back of the house, along with some new white stone. It looks so cheery!

Our place is really coming along... I can't wait to move on to our other outdoor tasks!I want to build a "window box" style container out of worn-looking wood to hang from our step. I'd like to fill it with some really vibrant, eye-catching, low maintenance flowers. We have big plans for our vegetable garden - I'm excited to share our progress with you as time goes on. We're getting the ground tilled this week, so after that, we're clear sailing...

Here's a few photos from Saturday -

Have you been spending any time outdoors lately? Do share!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. sounds like a productive weekend. i'm excited that you can have a garden, i'm looking forward to having one of my own some day. xo


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