Thursday, May 5, 2011

Supper on the Town

Daniel and I had supper at our local diner/greasy spoon/old fashioned restaurant on Tuesday. I don't think that this place has been aesthetically updated since it was built - check out the tables and backsplash above. The style is starting to come back in, hahaha.   

It's hard to beat a good greasy meal some nights. I had chicken fingers and fries, and Daniel had a hamburger and onion rings. We upped the healthy factor by having water to drink :) It's so fun to sit in a little booth and share time together - with someone else doing the cooking.

Four years later, and D's wedding band is still my favourite guy ring ever!

We were sitting quietly at our table when a couple came in. They were the retired sort - not really "seniors", but getting older. The restaurant was almost empty, but where do they head? The one table that hadn't been cleared yet. The poor waitress scrambled to get it cleaned with them sitting there, and then the man asked for a drink, too, "when she got the chance". I felt really sorry for the girl - it's hard to be in high school working a part-time job and have customers that create a problem for themselves as soon as they come in the door. 

When I saw this print on Etsy today, I thought of that couple instantly:

After years of working in the public, I still need a reminder to treat others with dignity... especially after a long day. Maybe we can all keep that in mind.

Happy Thursday!


  1. water was a good choice instead of pop-- no free refills at Vi's!! Haha. I would have gone for a milk shake though, as they are amazing :)
    love this post... miss you. Wish I was there with you.

  2. completely ditto to the last line of ashley's comment. *heartsigh.*

  3. aww, i wish that you girlies could have come. xoxo

  4. too true about the not nice people who treat waiters poorly
    I have witnessed it a couple of times & it always appals me

    ....but on another note HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! {late}

  5. Hahah, thanks for the anniversary wishes, Reuben... but it's in August :)


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