Friday, May 6, 2011

A Little Revamp

I painted Mr. Octopus wayyy back in 2008. We had a little painting party at Patrick and Janelle's place, and he was the result. I found him in a stack of unhung photos and prints the other day, and decided to give him a little revamp.

The background was originally white, but since it had been stuck in storage for so long, there were numerous black marks across the canvas. I busted out some green, blue, and white acrylic paint, water, and a sponge brush, and brightened Mr. Octopus up. Now he's perched beside our washroom. He's a nice bit of colour in our teensy hallway!

Happy Friday!


  1. i've always loves bananagramps and mr.octopus. bananagramps make our little bathroom a happy place. love you.

  2. :D i remember him! he looks great with his new colors - nicely done!

  3. this made me really happy. xo, kel


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