Monday, June 6, 2011

Multitude Monday

It's time for Multitude Monday!

This week, I'm thankful for:

190 - beautiful apple blossoms that were waiting for me in a milk bottle
when I got home from work last night
191 - a group of ladies that meet every Monday evening to encourage
each other to live healthier lives
192 - being part of the team that's starting our first local farmer's market!
193 - rhubarb season!
194 - new indoor plants that I bought and brought home today... can't wait to share!
195 - teamwork! Daniel made supper tonight while I put away laundry...
196 - the fact that THIS IS MY 400TH POST! Eeeekers!
197 - a few summer tops that I bought last year - I can't wait to wear them this year!
198 - my friends Janelle and Sam (!) coming this month :)
199 - Proverbs 3:5-6

What are you thankful for this week?

Happy Monday!


  1. ooooh a farmers market in the making sounds like great fun!
    ~apple blossoms are like 20+ extra points

  2. i'm ridiculously thankful that i made your multitude monday - and that it's your 400th post to boot! <3 you!

  3. Thanks, Reuben - I'm excited about it! And the apple blossoms? Totally bonus points :)

    Oh, Janelley, of course you make my Multitude Monday! xo


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