Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weekend Adventure

Daniel and I did a little exploring a few evenings ago. We snagged his dad's Jeep, and took off on an adventure. Daniel was on call for work, so we had to stay within a half-hour or so of the hospital, but that left plenty of room for some off-roading. By off-roading, I mean random dirt roads that we haven't investigated before. 

Check out the beautiful evening sky! All of these photos are straight from the camera:

We saw three foxes over the course of the drive! Here's a super-zoomed-in, grainy photo of one: by the time we got the camera out, he had trotted down the road. He had the skinniest little legs:

The poor Jeep got a little muddy:

Had to get a reflection self-portrait:

We took a good couple of hours exploring, and then headed for home. I'll leave you with the coolest old barn ever:

Happy Wednesday!

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