Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Those bold summer dalia blooms are killing me! The colours are just beyond.

Okay, I don't know about you, but my summer is off to a busy-bee start. Daniel and I have both been working steady, so we're a bit like strangers in the night. I am off for the next two days, and man, am I going to enjoy it. 

My workplace is organizing a farmers' market that is scheduled to begin next Friday, July 15th. It's been a little hectic with the planning, contacting, advertising, and meetings. What, pray ask, am I going to do tomorrow on my day off? Why, go to a local farmers' market, of course! I seem to be working on just about every day that has a market nearby (there are markets within one hour of here on Wednesday, (soon-to-be Fridays), Saturdays and Sundays. My mom and I are going thrifting in the morning, followed by a little market rendezvous, and meeting Daniel for lunch at a cute little cafe.

Slowly this blog is going to be a more exciting place again: surely you want to see more than flowers and gardens. Speaking of gardens, we finished planting all of ours on Saturday! So maybe a few garden updates now and then... :)

I'm sure that you have already noticed, but I'll make it official. I've decided to blog twice/three times a week for July and August. There's too much work and fun to be had to be stuck to a computer. Without the pressure of blogging five times a week, I can be more creative with my posts... which I'm sure will please you as my readers.

I hope that your week is going swimmingly... go swimming!

Happy Tuesday!

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