Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Adorable little transplants all ready to be planted

 Today I am:

Smelling homemade pizza, fresh from the oven
Hearing birds chirping through the open windows
Listening to some random foreign singer on repeat at work - it's beautiful
Smiling at my little basil growing slowly but surely
Feeling tired from longer work hours this week
Remembering the sweet intense eyes of my l'il Sam
Wishing I was still visiting my friends
Writing an e-mail to Heid
Wanting to get some time to read
Craving a scrapbooking night
Celebrating being able to send snail mail again
Preparing a package or two to send out
Sipping ice cold water from my water bottle all day  - so refreshing
Taking home more plants from the garden centre
Planning on going on the treadmill and getting back into a routine
Hoping that I make it to the treadmill :)
Deciding on what direction the blog is going to take over the summer

How about you?

Happy Tuesday!

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