Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quiet Night

Don't you love free evenings?

I got so much accomplished tonight, and I just felt the need to share. Here's what I can now check off my to-do list:

made the bed
bought groceries
went pumpkin shopping
cleaned out my coupon envelope
tidied my cupboards
washed all the dishes
unpacked my farmers' market bags
emptied our recycleables cupboard
dried laundry
froze a batch of pesto in icecube trays
made a pan of no-fat Trader Joe's brownies
cleaned out my cupboard under the sink AKA the junk collector
unsubscribed from junk mail
got a present ready to deliver
lit a bunch of candles and relaxed!

All this since 5:30 - and our grocery store is 30 minutes away (I know, I know - we live in the boonies)! How did I get the time to do most of these things? Two words: hockey game. Tonight is the first game of the NHL season for Montreal, so Dan went over to watch the game with my dad and brothers. We did go out for supper and buy groceries together, though. It's our mini-date night, and we've only had one since the beginning of supper. It's so nice for things to be slowing down a little.

Happy Thursday!


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