Monday, November 21, 2011

Multitude Monday

I took a bit of a bloggy break, but I'm back in action with this week's edition of Multitude Monday. I was a busy bee getting ready for the Christmas market that I participated in yesterday, so this is the market edition of Mulitude Monday. 

This week, I'm thankful for:

290 - spending the day with Mom at the market
291 - super successful sales
292 - customers opening goodies and enjoying them on the spot, then buying more
293 - selling three paintings
294 - watching a grandmother buy a star ornament for each of her grandchildren
295 - seeing the Christmas spirit
296 - making some spending money
297 - not having a single disaster the day of the market
298 - everyone loving our packaging - I must admit, they were pretty cute!
299 - picking up a few stocking stuffers at the market from other vendors

What are you thankful for today?

Happy Monday!


  1. Katie, I so wish I could have gone to the market!!!! I was working a 12 hr day :( Your table looks awesome (as always) and I am so glad to hear how great it went!! Rach

  2. I think we need more details of all the goodies you made! Everything looks so good! =) Andrea

  3. Aw, thanks Rach and Andrea! We had a great afternoon!

  4. it looks like a ton of fun
    hopefully I will get my things done in tome to get in a market

    ps: Happy Birthday !

  5. Thanks Reuben! You should totally do a market... it's a lot of fun!


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