Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Re-cap

I was so sad when I realized that I didn't take any photos of our cute little Christmas tree over the holidays. Little did I know, but Daniel took a picture on Christmas morning! When I uploaded our latest photos onto our computer, I found it. So happy

This year was our sweetest tree ever - we went for a walk up the mountain behind our house and cut down a little tiny spruce tree. I only wanted a tabletop tree this year, and Dan spotted the perfect one. Sage came with us on our little outdoor adventure, too.

I wanted a simple Scandinavian vibe to our tree. I borrowed a galvanized bucket from Mom and we filled it with gravel. We made sure that the tree was safely wedged inside, then put one string of white lights around it. I used a bunch of mini glass bulbs in copper and gold and a few of my favourite ornaments. I love the way that it turned out!

Sage was pretty excited about Christmas, too. When I was filling his stocking (and by filling, I mean putting two things inside) he spotted the treats and was eager to get at the goods. He got some treats and a new Kong. Kongs are the only toys that he doesn't destroy. Every other type that we've tried ends up in little pieces. Lucky for Sage, this Christmas he got a brand new Kong to chomp on. You can tell that he's wagging in the picture :)

Well, once I publish this post, I'm off to take down our tree... my least favourite part of Christmas. Find the packaging, wrap the ornaments, take down the lights, throw out the tree. Boo hoo. I think I might leave some twinkly lights in the window, though :)

Happy Tuesday!

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