Thursday, January 26, 2012

Polyvore Loves

Yeesh! Just got in a few minutes ago... what a long day! I'm fighting a serious cold, and all I wanted to do this morning was stay snuggled into bed, but I straggled out of the house for the day. I went to a ladies' Bible study this morning, and then stopped in at Mom and Dad's place on the way home. They asked me to go with them - Mom and my aunt take a water aerobics class, and they also had a few errands and appointments. I met Dan on the highway in the late afternoon, and we went back into "town" - the nearest town is about half an hour from home. We had a yummy supper out (maple nut chicken wrap and a salad) and then Dan played racquetball with a friend, and I went and hung out with my friend Thianna for a bit. We picked up some groceries, and then made the trip back home. My brother has a big project due tomorrow, so I went to Mom and Dad's house and helped David with his resume. We finished that up, came home and put our groceries away. Now I'm relaxing with another coconut chai tea :) Whew!

Little did I know, but I got prepared for today's lengthiness last night. I created two Polyvore Loves outfits to post! These are cute ones, too. Ready to hear more?

It's "date night" on Polyvore Loves! I based two outfits around the same Marc Jacobs blouse. One is girly and fun, and the other is hot and sleek. Which style do you lean towards when it comes time for a date? Hey, girls... I mean date as in evening out. It can be with your significant other... or with anyone that you love: gal-pal, friend, parent - whatev! Whenever you get a little gussied up and spend an evening out, that's a date to me. Hear what I'm saying?

(There's something up with Safari right now so you'll have to wait for linkage!)

I'm longing to have this outfit in my closet! For starters, that polka dot blouse is sososososo cute! I picked up a very similar one a few weeks ago, but it's black with white polka dots. We all know that the mint colour is my fave... and I love me some cardigans, too (bought another leopard print one today... shh!). Funky geek glasses and red lipstick give it some class. The cute glittery t-strap heels help push the outfit into date territory. Love it!

If you're more into the sleek date night approach, I've got you covered. A cute leather/pleather jacket, black clutch, an armful of black and gold bangles, and some hot pointed toe heels - your polka dot blouse won't know what hit! Are you ready to go or what?!

Which outfit do you lean towards? Are you ready to get all dolled up? Do share!

Happy Thursday!

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