Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Polyvore Loves

I love making up these Polyvore posts! It's such a great way to reassess items in your closet that get pushed aside. I find that I will find a couple of ways to wear an item... and then leave it at that. Not finding new ways to wear items is a quick way to become bored with your closet. We can't have that now, can we?

My friend Jacalyn, who's my #1 Polyvore Loves fan, has a baby shower coming up. I decided to build her two outfits for inspiration around one piece - one dressy, one more casual. I adore every item on Ruche - I seriously would love to have every piece in my closet. I knew that I had gotten Jacalyn hooked recently, so I chose a dress from their site to build my outfits around.

Guess what? Jacalyn owns this dress! How sweet is that? I built the outfits using only Ruche products, but it's basically just inspiration for using items that you already have in your closet. Ready to take a look? 

Here's the casual outfit:
shower casual

The beautiful patterned dress is perfect for a girly little shower! Lace-up knee-high brown leather boots are great for this time of year - no getting wet feet! The cozy infinity scarf is warm and stylish - keeps you snuggly warm outside, and chic enough to wear inside. The cute little cross-body navy purse would certainly be a fashionable staple in any closet, too. Put on your geeky-gal glasses and all you need is a present in hand to be ready to attend any shower!

Here's a more dressy approach:
shower dressy

The dangly gold earrings are delicate and feminine, perfect for any event, really. A clutch is always a dressier way to carry your goods, and this navy one with gold detailing is a terrific choice. Navy oxford wedges are a classic and useful way to add a little height, and the navy flower clip is absolutely adorable. I love hair accessories!

Now, if the choice was up to you...
Which outfit would you pick?

Happy Tuesday!

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