Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hockey Night in Cape Breton

What an action-packed weekend I had! Seriously, it's feast or famine. Sometimes we can go weeks with just doing the same old routine, but this weekend really switched things up! On Friday, Dan and I took a little trip to get our car's oil changed - we walked around town while we were waiting and went for an ice cream treat at Coldstone Creamery. I had "Founder's Favourite" which was vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce, hot fudge, pecans and brownie chunks, and Dan had a cookies 'n' cream milkshake. For supper, we met up with friends at a yummy new Italian restaurant. It was fun to get to hang out with them - we haven't had the chance since we moved over a year ago. 
After that, we found out that there was a hockey game going on, so we bought tickets and watched our first hockey game together for this year.

What a close game! With only four minutes left, the game was tied. Our team managed to win in an overtime shoot-out. Yay! (And by our team... I mean the more local out of the two. "Our" team is actually not very good this year. Ha ha ha)

I was sneaking little shots of Dan. It's the only way I can get a cute picture of him. 
What is it with guys wanting to make crazy faces every. single. time?

The blimp was so adorable! The other side was a Wendy's frosty. 
I'd love to be the guy that drives it... what a fun job.

Our team has the white jerseys on - lots of shaggy long hockey hair on the ice that night!

That wraps up the first part of my weekend. I'll be back with Saturday and Sunday's details.

Happy Tuesday!

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