Thursday, July 19, 2012

Garden Update

I brought home three bright yellow strawflower plants today (or bracteantha, if you're feeling wordy) to brighten up our walkway. See that photo? I also worked on a little outdoor project that I can share as soon as I'm home when there is more sunlight! We have a little gravel path to our step, but there isn't a defined border between the walkway and the lawn. I hauled (well, Dan helped when I filled the wheelbarrow too much :) ) lots of large rocks to create a cute path edge. I love how it turned out!

Earlier in the week, my little brother helped me to get an old spool from the side of the highway. I have been looking for a while for one in good shape to turn into a coffee table. This one is a little shoddy, but it's a perfect herb stand. I was able to move my herbs into a spot that has more sunlight, out of the shadow of the house. 

I started a bunch of nasturtiums from seed and that's what I have around the base of the spool. If they take off, they'll be part of the decor for the wedding I'm helping with the end of August. Nasturtiums are so cool - they're a beautiful edible flower with large round foliage. Google them if you're interested in seeing the lovely colours!

My container is filling in quite nicely! I chose to go with mostly foliage for my container this year. Having a bee allergy, I find that I need to be careful about what I bring so close to the door of our home. I wouldn't want to invite trouble into our home! I'm not super paranoid about it, but I just try to be smart. I'm not sticking my head through the sunroof of a car or becoming a bee-keeper or anything :)

As I write this, Dan's outside building me a window box to hang from the side of our step. It pays to have a handy husband :) I just finished making supper, so it's a good trade-off. I hope to get the window box attached and fill it with plants before it gets too dark outside.

How about you? Do you have a green or brown thumb? Have you planted anything this year? Do share!

Happy Thursday!

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