Friday, September 28, 2012


We're hoping to head back to this awesome antique shop over the weekend!

I'm currently...

Reading: Twenty-Six by Leo McKay Jr.

Watching: Urban/Suburban on HGTV online

Listening: Feist "Metals"

Drinking: Davids Tea "Paradise Found"

Dreaming: about a new home

Thinking: about Heidi's big move today

Planning: a new blog design

Feeling: tired after a long school week

Wishing: my wardrobe was full of pretty autumn clothes

Creating: a gift for new babies this weekend

Hoping: to go antiquing with my family this weekend

Smelling: someone's hazelnut coffee

Missing: my little dog since I'm gone so long everyday

Discussing: the new Jenn Grant album

How about you? What are you currently up to?

Happy Friday... and happy weekend!


  1. loved this peek into your day! thanks friend :) (i seriously copied - sincere flattery, yes?)

    1. i'm so glad you copied - isn't it fun?


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