Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Art Nouveau

Today I thought that I'd share my process for my most recent assignment (I'm in school taking Graphic Design, if you're a new reader), which was due today. In Design History, we were assigned the task of choosing an Art Nouveau poster, print or graphic, and creating our own grayscale poster. Here's the poster that I chose, an Albert Angus Turbayn design: 

Next, using Photoshop, I turned the poster into greyscale to see the different shaded areas:

I wanted to try and find a phrase that had something to do with feathers, birds or movement. I love the phrase "birds of a feather" so I went with that. The feathers reminded me of the ocean or waves, so the cultural group that I chose to represent was a surf club. I researched several different fonts that are age appropriate to use for my lettering. Here's a look at my desk (and by desk, I mean kitchen table...) last night:

Several hours and a few hand cramps later, here's the result:

... and here it is mounted on black paper and posted in our classroom:

I found it really challenging to get back into using pencils. It's been...ugh... about seven years since I've been in a high school art class. I don't know if I've ever done a sketch at this size, either. I'm relieved to have it finished and passed in, though.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. This is awesome, Katie! You are very talented. This course seems like a perfect fit for you. Love, Ramona.

    1. Thanks, Ramona! So far, I've really been loving it. I feel challenged every single day - but not overwhelmed. Thanks for the encouragement.


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