Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mustard Mania

Mustard yellow has really got my heart pumping this fall... wait, who am I kidding? I always love mustard! I thought it would be fun to come up with a mustard wardrobe refresher. Here are a few items that I'm loving on the internet lately:

1 - August Spice Mustard Pleated Dress, Ruche - $38.99
2 - Mustard Long Sleeved Top, Dorothy Perkins£15.00
3 - About the Benjamins Heels, Modcloth - $104.99
4 - Skinny Heart Belt, Forever 21 - $5.90
5 - Crisscross Pattern Beanie, Forever21 - $9.90
6 - Crafted Dots Blouse, eSkakti - $31.95

That colour seriously has me weak in the knees! What's your favourite piece? I think that the heels would be my number one pick (of course - they're the priciest!). Time to go raid my closet for that perfect shade of yellow!


  1. I just saw a code for 25 dollars off of your number six item- i think it was at "sew kate sew"??

    1. Here:

    2. Oooh, thanks! With $25 off, I just might have to cave. Thanks for finding the link!


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