Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February: Getting Inspired

Ever feel as though all of your creative juices have been sucked out of your bones and you've plunged head-first into a rut? You're not alone. I'm considering this post to be my official push in the right direction, with all of you right there beside me. February has the tendency to be a long (even though it's short) dreary month and I'm determined to stay inspired.

Looking for some tips or prompts to get inspired? These tips aren't brand-new or groundbreaking, but we can always use a little reminder now and again. Here are a few to get started:
  • Turn off the computer. Now. Getting outside, cracking open a book, baking or painting are some great ways to let your mind go. Being sucked into the internet does nothing but make us feel droopy. I know all about it.
  • Start looking at the details. The colourful pencils, the grid of floor tiles, the fibers of your favourite sweater. There's much to be said about enjoying the little things in life.
  • Try something new. Are you a runner? Try a spinning class. Do you like to scrapbook? Try drawing instead. Sometimes exercising your brain (or body) in a new way is the best way to love what you do and who you've become.
  • Organize. Feeling as though you can't face your supplies and mediums? Try reorganizing! Rearrange your rooms, tidy your desk, put pencils in mason jars, move your treadmill. A fresh look might be all it takes to get the juices flowing.
  • Let it go. Maybe those creative sparks aren't happening for a reason. Perhaps it's time to move on. Don't feel enthused about an avoidable project? Drop it. Your time might be better used elsewhere. If the task is unavoidable, try bringing in a friend. They might have a take on it that you've never considered before.

I have a few school assignments that I'm dreading, along with several house-related tasks that aren't appealing, either. February is my chance to look at everything in a new light - re-evaluating my goals and biting off each task in tiny chunks. Let me know if you're working on anything new this month. I'd love to hear how you stay inspired!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. i've been meaning to organize my woefully messy food cupboards. your suggestion to get off the computer is just what i needed - and i'll do it - as soon as i say thanks for the inspiration :)
    happy february, friend!


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