Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring is for Gardening : Polka Dot Soup

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I am not sure if it's the inner-hippie in me or my years working at a garden centre, but every year, as the sun begins to warm the soil and little green bits of goodness pop up in nooks and crannies, I get the urge to get plantin'. 

I've shared my gardening adventures on Polka Dot Soup before: a vegetable garden two years ago, and a herb container garden and floral planters and window boxes last year. I created an Etsy treasury of garden goodness last spring. This year, Dan and I are undecided about what sort of garden adventure we should take. I love the idea of a full-fledged vegetable garden, digging on my hands and knees in the soil and watching my hard work bring fruit. I'm a bit of a romantic when it comes to gardening though, letting weeds grow between the rows until the plot looks like a tangled mess. Dan likes to keep things tidy: vegetables in the rows and all properly weeded and watered, all business. You can see his hesitation: I'm sure he has a bit of fear that he will be the one doing the hard work, with me coming up with the grand plans. I think I can convince him - reminding him of rows of crunchy green beans sounds like just the incentive that he needs.

We had a beautiful, sunshine-filled day yesterday and I took a stroll around our yard, getting ideas for outdoor projects to tackle over the next few weeks. I think getting a garden plot ready is one of those tasks. :)

Curious about herbs? I wrote a blog post on the topic called Herbs 101 last year. Lots of photos and information on growing and using herbs to get you informed. Let me know if you have any garden plans this spring!

Happy Monday!

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