Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How we do Summer, Part I

We take quiet evening drives
We watch the sun set
We visit our friends' farm

We eat breakfast on the waterfront
We have lunch at the new local food truck
We read great books
We take walks on the beach

We watch track and field meets
We celebrate our first tomato of the season
We smell our fresh herbs
... and we soak up the sun on our beautiful island.

That's how we do summer 'round here.

(Oh, and we also spend too much money at thrift stores, eat too many cones of ice cream, feel sad and/or lonely and all of those other not so fun things. But we tend to skip the photo taking of the not so pleasurable moments. I'm sure you understand.)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Beautiful photos, Katie! I can see that you really did "do" summer well.

  2. Wow Katie!! Awesome pics to sum up a beautiful summer in Cape Breton! Love you! :) Rach

    1. Thanks, Rach! I love how easy it is to take photos with your phone now... hehe.


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