Friday, September 6, 2013

NSCC Now Interview

Earlier this summer, I was interviewed by NSCC Now, an online community that's focused on the successes and growth of NSCC students. Our graphic design class worked on a literacy fundraiser for our local library and adult learning program this spring. Adult literacy is a huge concern in Cape Breton, and this fact from the Adult Learning Association of Cape Breton is quite startling:

In the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, over 44% of adults do not have the necessary literacy skills that they need to meet the demands of today's society. 

The library system and adult learning program launched a fundraising campaign to raise funds for their efforts, targeting local businesses and asked our class to use our "design magic" to create eye-catching designs. Once NSCC Now caught word of the class' efforts to raise awareness, they were eager to share our story with our fellow NSCC students as well as the outside community. To learn more, here's the NSCC Now link to the article for your reading pleasure. :)

Happy Thursday Friday!


  1. Hey beautiful! I love that photo of you. Also love your interview, you did such a good job!

    1. Thanks, Leah! It was something different for me - not sure when I'll get used to the interview process. :)


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