Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Design : Event Posters

Since it's been a while since I've shared any of my design work, I thought that today should be the day. (For any new readers, I'm a second year graphic design student at a local college.) These two posters were for events held by our church over the summer, and they were both quick, fun poster projects. Lots of colour, cheery typography, and minimal text information. Easy, breezy, and relatively high impact. The posters were tacked up around the neighbourhood and were also re-sized to be used as personal invitations. Fun!

I love getting the chance to play with typography and new design techniques when I have a willing client or on a personal project. A little tidbit for those dabbling in design: when creating a printed project, or a web project, for that matter, choose up to three fonts - no more. Even of those three fonts, it's great if you only choose two, and then make your third choice a variation of one of your other fonts (italicized, bold, light, etc.) This will help your design to be more cohesive and let your design and proper font choices be the highlight, not a visual distraction. Fun fact of the day!

Happy Wednesday!

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