Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Little Lentil : 13 Weeks

Today, I've reached 13 weeks in my pregnancy. That thrills me, terrifies me, blows my mind. I feel so blessed that our little bean is growing and changing and has stayed inside me. Whether it's the pessimist in me, the worrywart, or the fact that for far too long I couldn't imagine that this moment would be possible, my mind can't comprehend that I have a thirteen week old baby inside me! Seriously, so blessed.

After some prodding and inspiration from Heid, I've decided to start tracking my pregnancy here on the blog. It makes me feel exposed and also makes this feel real. Part of me would love to write a letter to our baby every week, but that may come in future weeks and I may decide to keep it private. We'll see what each week holds!

A card that we received this weekend from a thoughtful friend

Here are some fun facts for this week:

Week: Thirteen

What's going on inside: Fingerprints are forming on the little bean's fingertips! You would be able to see the baby's veins and organs through its transparent skin (that's a freaky mental image - sorry!).

What's going on outside: I'm still on two medications to help me combat nausea and vomiting, but I've been trying to wean myself back to three pills a day of one of the meds. The evenings are the worst time of the day, but manageable as long as I stick close to home. I need a nap almost daily, but have a lot more energy than previous weeks.

How big is that lentil? The baby's about the length of a pea pod and weighs one ounce. Hefty!

Total weight loss/gain: I lost about 18 pounds in the first part of the pregnancy, and haven't gained an ounce back. I'm sure it will start soon :) I did notice this week that I can't suck in my belly any more - the baby bump has started!

Food cravings: So far, I'm willing to eat anything that doesn't turn my stomach. All fried foods and the smell of food frying make me feel nauseated, which isn't a bad thing to be turned off of. Small portions fairly often are my food of choice, but as soon as I'm feeling a little bit better, I hope to be able to plan meals according to what the little lentil needs: iron, protein, that sort of thing. For now, my doctor and I are happy with me being able to eat at all.

Best moment this week: Hearing our baby's heartbeat for the first time at my doctor's appointment yesterday! My doctor seemed to think that everything is going A-ok. My next appointment is in four weeks, and I'll be 17 weeks along!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. love, love, love. I'm been waiting for an update. I want a belly shot next time though:D

    1. You may be waiting a while for the belly shot :) Perhaps in a private message lol. Not sure the general public is ready to see.


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