Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Little Lentil : 14 Weeks

The weeks are flying by! This week, I've hit the second trimester, which I only realized last night! I'm sharing each week of my pregnancy here on the blog, in an effort to keep track of weekly progression. Here are this week's fun facts:

Week: Fourteen

What's going on inside: The baby can now squint, frown, grimace, pee, and possibly suck their thumb!  Their liver and spleen are now in high gear, producing bile and red blood cells, respectively. The baby is also developing a fine covering of hair all over.

What's going on outside: My energy levels are slowly returning. I haven't had to have a nap the past few days, but when my head hits the pillow each night, I'm out cold. I've started to notice my mood changing - for the previous weeks, I've felt almost cool/indifferent most of the time, but the past three days I've been a little out of sorts. Having quiet time at home seems to help.

How big is that lentil? The baby's about the size of a lemon. That's crazy!

Total weight loss/gain: I've lost a few more pounds since my last weigh-in. Katie's Guide to Weight Loss, Step One: get preggo. LOL... 

Food cravings: None. I hope that my appetite starts increasing soon, I'm eager to start adding more fruits, veggies, and protein to my diet. For now, I'm trying to eat a balanced supper meal and keep my snacking healthy (minus yesterday's milkshake, which I immediately regretted!).

Best moment this week: It may sound funny, but last night it really hit me that Dan and I are having a baby. I'm so glad that he's the one I get to share this incredible life-changing experience with.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Katie, I am so excited for you and Dan. No matter how nauseated, uncomfortable or tired one gets, it all seems so unimportant in the final analysis - getting to hold that precious little bundle. We are so enjoying our newest little grandson - I love BABIES! Every one is such a display of God's greatness and goodness.

    1. Thanks so much, Hazel! Thankfully, each week I'm feeling better and better, so it's getting much easier to look at the big picture: the final "product" :) Enjoy your precious new grandson!

  2. Reading that post just made me SO happy for you and Dan!! Miss you my friend! xo Rach

    1. Hehe, I'm so glad that you can stay caught up on our lives from half a world away! Can't wait to see your smiling face again. xo


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