Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Etsy Finds : Winter Accessories


I don't know about you, but the minute that the cooler weather hits, my favourite scarves are around my neck. Now that it's extra chilly, you can almost guarantee that I'll be wearing a cozy scarf daily. My scarf collection is shamefully large, but I can't bare to part with any of my favourites. Light-weight, heavy, handmade, purchased, gifted, bright, neutral, wool, cotton: you name it, and if it's comfy and not itchy, I probably have a similar one in my arsenal.  I've been given so many beautiful ones over the years, and those ones hold a special place in my heart. Scarves are the perfect accessory: decorative and functional. They're awesome to wear when you head to the movie theatre, too: they double as a cozy blanket for that unpredictable theatre temperature.

If you're in need of a comfy new neck warmer, check out these beautiful handcrafted ones that I've found via Etsy. The links to each item are all listed above. Be prepared: your wallet may not thank you, but your neck certainly will.

Happy Tuesday!


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