Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Oh, 2013: A Recap

2013 - what a colourful year!

Bonjour, 2014! Honestly, 2013 was the fastest and most colourful year of my life. There were lots of highlights this year, but I can't wait to see all of the amazing changes that this year will bring. School will be wrapping up in a few months, and we'll be welcoming a new baby at the end of April! Whew!

- - -

Here are a few things that made 2013 extra-special:

We had one of our most snow-filled winters in the recent past - gotta love a good storm day or two! (Although 2014 is shaping up to be the snowiest!)

A new young couple bought a dairy farm and moved to 
our area and we got to be great friends.

Our fun-filled March break: we traveled via train to spend the week in 
Quebec City, one of my favourite vacations yet.

I attended a creative conference, the first of its kind in our area 
and heard from countless inspiring speakers.

I finished my first year of Graphic Design in college, 
which in itself was quite an accomplishment.

I racked up oodles of kilometres on our car - and every single one was worth it. 
I can use every bit of practice driving a standard - and I got much more comfortable doing so.

I spent lots of time with my family, watching countless basketball games and
 traveling around Nova Scotia with my brother's team.

I started a busy summer job that I loved and worked with an awesome 
group of women that became my friends.

I worked on several design client projects 
that helped to shape my design portfolio.

I spent too much time Instagramming and too little time blogging - poor 
little Polka Dot Soup had its most neglected year since I started blogging.

I planted a little herb garden that ended up getting neglected, 
but the herbs that I did use were tasty!

We discovered Netflix, and in turn, burned our way through 
several TV series on cozy evenings in.

I got to see Tegan and Sara in concert with Heidi 
in Halifax - a highlight for sure.

Dan and I celebrated six years of marriage 
and nine years together!

The library became even more of a friend than before - 
lots of great reads this year.

I spent several nights camping throughout the summer, 
both tenting and in my parents' travel trailer.

We took a road-trip to Newfoundland and explored the island's 
nooks and crannies up and down.

I started my second and final year of Graphic Design.

I tried preserving for the first time and loved it - 
a definite new hobby.

I turned the ripe old age of 27... 
which we won't talk about.

My favourite thing that happened in 2013?
I found out that I was pregnant with our little miracle baby! 

- - -

What about you? What was your 2013 highlight? 
What are you looking forward to for 2014? Do share!

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