Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wear Your Joy Project : Week 3

Wear Your Joy Project : Week 3 : Katie

I am on the final stretch of the Wear Your Joy project! The past three weeks have flown by, and I have had a great deal of fun. Curious to learn more about the project? You can catch up by reading my introduction to the Wear Your Joy project as well as week one and week two of the challenge. Essentially:
"Inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts' "wear your joy" photos on Instagram, I decided to challenge myself. For the next month, I'll be incorporating bits of happiness into my wardrobe. It's easy when you're staying at home, running to the grocery store, or working at the same old job, day in and day out, to fall into a routine when dressing that takes the fun out of things. Why not spice up your daily ensemble with a fun colour palette, a playful scarf, or an extra layer or two? Even a necklace that you've been saving for the perfect occasion would be a great addition to your daily garb. 
… Each Thursday for the next month, I'll be sharing what I wore that week, along with a few guest appearances from friends who are up for the challenge. I've started a Pinterest board for the Wear Your Joy Project where I'll be pinning inspiration for my spiced-up wardrobe, along with the weekly photos that I'm sharing here on Polka Dot Soup. I would love if you played along! What's the worst that could happen?" 30 Day Challenge 
I enjoyed getting dressed over the past week! Trends that I noticed when reviewing my outfits: I wear leggings a lot. I wear black and white a lot. Boots are my favourite. I adore a good pattern. And guess what? I actually like a lot of what's in my closet! Over the past week, since I was choosing my pieces more carefully, I noticed several items that don't fit as well as they used to, and instead of sticking them back in the closet, I put them in a bag to give to a friend. My closet's looking a lot tidier this week!

Today, I have two friends joining me for this week's challenge. Meet Jacquie:

Wear Your Joy Project : Week 3 : Jacquie

"Hi, my name is Jacquie Blanchard, I'm 24 & the Creative Director at Pure Project Relations Inc in Sydney, Nova Scotia. I did not realize how much black I wear! I do love shopping and finding a good bargain or a hidden gem (ex: beige shirt on clearance was $79.00, got it for $15!!) I love shoes and scarves and definitely Halloween. I did put a little more thought into getting dressed in the morning knowing I was documenting my wears but I think I could have gotten a little more creative in selfie-taking than my new semi-bare apartment."

Wear Your Joy Project : Week 3 : Meghan

This is Meghan, she is a mother of a 10 month old and expecting her second child in the beginning of February. Her and her husband live and run a 35 cow dairy farm.

“I thought the challenge was a lot of fun! It made me more productive in my daily chores. There was one day where we were in the barn all day but it allowed me to show off my new pink boots!”

Thanks so much, girls! This month has been an adventure in dressing in happiness. There's one week left! If you would like to join in, pop me an e-mail at - I'd love to have you here with us. Regardless, you can wear your joy just as you are!

Happy Thursday!

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