Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Be Still, My Heart

I have a very soft spot in my heart for Anthropologie. When we were in Boston last fall, I did some intense drooling over their products - but I couldn't pick one! When I finally settled on a sweater, I took a peek at the price tag and placed it back on the rack. Painful. I'm hoping to get to the one in Toronto next month - hopefully I'll find something dreamy in my price range - everything in that store shouts my name!

I'm going to showcase their home goods today - don't even get me started on their clothing!

There is a beautiful new application on their site that allows you to mix and match bedding (sheet sets and quilts/duvet covers) side by side. It's so much fun to see what the prettiest combination will be. Sorry, I won't be spending $800ish on my bed. It's fun to look, though.

Here are my favourite duvet covers:

Here are my favourite sheet sets:

I'll take one of each in a full/queen, okay? Okay.

Happy Tuesday!

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