Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Plans

I, Katie, hereby commit to making this summer the best one ever! I plan on including the following:
  • picnics - I bought a fun new hippy blanket for this very reason
  • hiking - we started the routine this past weekend
  • bbq'ing - trying out some new grilling recipes
  • adventures - being brave and trying new things, and lots of day trips
  • freckles - I don't tan, so I'm aiming to build up my freckle quota :)
  • reading - I've got some great books waiting
  • praying - it feels so wonderful when you chat regularly with God
Check out today's photo - doesn't our front yard look pretty? I love when the blooms start filling up all of the mulched parts. The colours looks dreamy together. Summer is here :)

My darling has a homemade tent set up in the living room - we're going old school with our dining chairs and a big blanket, and a mattress underneath. We're going to make s'mores and have a cozy evening in together... I love these nights the most :)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh what a fun idea! Hope you had a good night, and I second you on making this the best summer:-) Love you.

  2. I don't tan so we are in the same boat. Just think how young we will look when we are 80. :)

    I need to make another tent for my kids. we usually curl up and watch a movie inside.


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