Monday, December 6, 2010

Wrap It

I'd like to share some Christmas wrapping ideas with you. None of these thoughts are in any way original, but they may help to spark an idea or two. 

I love using items that I have saved throughout the year to package up the presents. A cereal box may be the perfect size for that long, flat gift. Don't be proud - you don't have to buy boxes if you have some already in your recycling bin!

Everyone knows that the best time to pick up wrapping paper is after Christmas. At some shops, they start putting wrap on clearance a few weeks before. You can find the prettiest paper and colour combos at your local craft store. Kraft paper is also very inexpensive and incredibly versatile.
Pretty little ribbons don't need to be bought on a roll. Twine and string are great for rustic, natural looking gifts. Cloth ribbon and yarn come in hundreds of styles, and you can find them at thrift stores, too. Ric-rak and hem tape can be beautiful as well.

Don't be caught up with matching and colour coordinating. Take out all of your supplies and spread them across a table or the floor. Reach out and grab things that catch your eye, regardless of their colour. Use up bits and bobbins of random supplies, the more the merrier.

Want to take a peek at a few gifts that I wrapped?

Tie boxes are the perfect size for little jam jars or Christmas ornaments. Grab a piece of pretty tissue, stick it in, and nestle your gift for safe keeping. Done!

I saved a piece of handmade paper that someone had given to me. I love the look of this paper with twine as the ribbon, wrapped all willy-nilly around the package and tied in the back. I stuck a handmade ornament behind the twine as an extra little something. Bam!

This gift is a prime example of using up what you already have. The paper is the last of what I used last year, and I had some shiny purple ribbon and a red bow that were itching to be used. Good to go!

You can use metallics in unexpected colours. These magenta bias stripes are glam and playful at the same time. Add a funky gift tags and you're all set!

I hope these wrapping ideas helped you with some new thoughts on what looks cute together. The key thought is to not be afraid! Mix things up! Use things up! That piece of newspaper and that shiny gold ribbon might look perfect together, you just need to try it out.

In my next Christmas present installment, I'll share some fun and inexpensive tag ideas. I'm sure you have scraps of paper laying around. Gather them up and we'll put them to use!

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