Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Little Restylin'

At Christmas time, I received a beautiful present from a relative that just wasn't my style. Isn't that an awkward feeling? It's lovely... just not my taste. Since it was sitting on a shelf in my bedroom since December, I decided that it was time for a little revamping and restyling. There isn't much that doesn't benefit from a nice fresh coat of cheery paint!

Before: a whole lotta country.

I bought a sample sized container of Behr's Asparagus back when we first moved in. I always admired the colour in one of my favourite restaurants, and I finally got around to asking for the name of the paint colour. It's the perfect shade of green - a little acidy, but not too in your face. I'd love to use it as a wall colour some day, but for now, it's "project paint". 

I painted three layers of Asparagus on the star, and voila! A whole new decoration! If I ever get around to it, I'll change the little bow to a white one, but for now, it's perfect as is.

After: a whole lot more me!

I hung it up outside of our entrance today. I love having something cute and cheerful hanging by the door, and the more inexpensive, the better. Since the star was a gift, and the paint will be used for lots of other projects, it was virtually free! Can't beat that! All I need are a few spring flowers, and I'll be set. I love outdoor projects!

Happy Thursday!

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