Thursday, May 12, 2011


I love a good home decor book. They are not an easy item to find: I do have a particular type of book in mind. I want bright, vibrant colours, lots of beautiful photography, ideas and ways to make things work in my own home... but most of all? 
 I want to feel inspired when I turn each page.

I picked up a new book a little while back, and boy, am I glad that I did. Take a look:

This book, Junk Beautiful, is perfect! I love using antiques and beaten-up "old trash" within our home. Each piece has so much more personality than the average big box store, press-board garbage. I would much rather use something that's been well loved over the years that I genuinely love (and keep it out of a landfill, too!) than settle for something that has no personality and just fills a void.

Junk Beautiful has so many ideas that I've never even considered before! Best of all? I felt inspired - it made me want to make our home more genuine. I'm slowly taking the time to examine each item, functional or decorative, that we own and deciding - do I love this? It's time to get rid of anything that isn't loved. Yard sale, anyone? :)

Here are a few beautiful "rejects from the past" that I love:

I have a mental list of items that I'm always on the lookout for. Are there any items that you feel will make your house a home?

Happy Thursday!

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