Friday, January 13, 2012

Blog Memories

Want to reminisce with me about previous blog posts? I thought you would! Here we go:

I was scrolling through blog photos and came across this one ^. I forgot all about that rug! I bought it at Urban Outfitters in Toronto on our trip in 2010 and only used it for a little while. I folded it up when we moved, and I think it's tucked away on a shelf in our laundry room! I'll have to shake it out over the weekend. I love the pattern and colours, but it doesn't match a single thing. It's a super fun, graphic rug - and big, too. Maybe I'll jazz things up in the living room over the next few days. It's fun to gather decor elements from other rooms and spaces and refresh a room with items you already have!

I was shovelling off our step today and Sage was doing exactly what he's doing in the photo above: flipping and flopping. That crazy dog! Every time I would throw a scoopful of snow off of our deck, Sage would leap into the air and do summersaults. Silly pup.

I sure live in a beautiful place. This was a hike that we took a couple of summers ago.

My pretty friend Janelle and I at a wedding. I miss those curly locks, J-dogg! :)

Best. car. colour. ever.

A view of Toronto from the CN Tower.


Pretty sunset. Glorious.

My brother in law's wedding - I love their rings!

Dan and I on a whale-watching tour - we'll have to do it again this year. So much fun.

Our zip-lining adventure. This is also on our do-again list.

Sage all dressed up for Halloween :)

I miss my craft room :( The best part of that apartment. 

My two boys relaxing. Cuties.

Thanks for reminiscing with me - quite the flashback. I've had this blog for a lot longer than I thought. I love my Polka Dot Soup readers :) Hope that you're gearing up for an exciting weekend.

Happy Friday!

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