Saturday, January 21, 2012

Things I Heart

Jadeite dishes, driftwood, candlelight 
lace, acrylic paint, vintage tea saucers 
wire baskets, bright colours paired with a neutral 
craspedia, chippy paint, ribbons, bows, buttons 
knitted blankets, borrowed socks, emptied toiletries
new garbage bags, Pinterest, sleeping in on Saturdays
clomping through snow, leather, looseleaf
stick-on stamps, postcards, clean laundry
holidays, rain hitting the window, old electronics
wedding planning, missing buttons, fresh starts
worn out jeans, plaid shirts, cuffs, scars
zippers, dahlias, yarn, wrinkles

I haven't shared one of these in a while... so it's a bit all over the place. 
What have you been loving lately?

Anyone else get the sad e-mail announcement that Picnik is kaput? Boo. I am the only one that resists change? I don't WANT to use Google+. Have you tried it? Is it good? Is it free
Tell me, tell me!

Happy Saturday!


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