Thursday, April 12, 2012

T-Bay Rocks.

As you may (or may not) know, I was in Ontario for a week visiting darling friends, Patrick and Janelle. I got back last Tuesday, and now I've finally got my act together to get posting some pics! I wasn't good at keeping track of what we did, but I had so much fun and can't wait for another chance to go and visit!

It was my first time flying by myself (eek!) but I did okay. I used Earplanes on the recommendation of a friend, and they worked wonderfully for the trip there. On the way back, not so great... but that's okay. I was a bit sniffly, too, so it might have been that. I'd highly recommend Earplanes, though, if you have trouble with your ears while flying. For under ten dollars, why not try them, eh?!

I miss my darling little Sam-wise! He's the cutest kid I know... and I know some pretty cute ones :) We had a lovely time together, and I felt that we really bonded. He's going to be a fantastic big brother!

Janelle and I spent most of our days together, as P-dogg is a workin' man. We met him for picnic lunches a couple of times, which was fun. I had some yummy food with the Labelles - including Persians. They're a T-Bay specialty... and I'm craving them already. It's an awesome cross between a cinnamon roll and a donut, with raspberry icing. I brought some home for my family and they were gobbled up in no time!

I met lots of new friends while there, too. Yay for Facebook and the ability to actually stay in touch with someone after hanging out with them a couple of times!

Janelle, Sam and I went to see the most spectacular waterfalls. Here's a glimpse of what they looked like... although it's impossible to capture in a photo.

I also met Caitlin, who is basically my newly discovered twin. See her awesome sailboat shirt? She and I both bought it when we went shopping, we're that cool. (I got the shirt that I'm wearing in the photo, too.) Yay for new friends! 

I got to see the Sleeping Giant from a few different angles, which was pretty cool. The first few days that I was there it was really overcast and foggy, so you couldn't see out that far. Doesn't it look like a sleeping giant? So cool. And I got to touch Lake Superior. Sweet.

Thanks for being such lovely hosts, J + P! I can't wait to bring Dan with me the next time!

Happy Thursday!

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