Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oh, you big pansy.

My busy work week is finally winding down. The garden centre and flower shop are officially opening for the season next Wednesday, so my days have been a little hectic. I've been ordering supplies and merchandise, contacting local artists regarding consignment, designing ads for our local paper, and creating our latest edition of the company newsletter - not to mention the fact that we rearranged the entire shop. Whew!

I did manage to snap some pretty pansy photos in the greenhouse yesterday, after I discovered our little visitor. There are so many varieties - who knew pansies could be cool?! Maybe these blooms will put a little spring in your step:

We just finished a yummy supper - mmm, barbecue! I'm about to haul my suitcase out of the basement to pack for a weekend getaway. I'll be leaving after work tomorrow to spend some much needed quality time with Kelsie - I'm so excited! The sound of a five hour bus ride isn't too appealing, but the darlings that I'll get to see make it totally worth it.

Happy Thursday!


  1. beautiful pics, katie! It must be so nice to work in a happy place all day!
    p.s I am one of those darlings, even if it is for 10 minutes:D

    1. you totally are one of my darlings - can't wait to see your cute face! xo


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